Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thai Pantomimed Performers-Babymine


A little info about the pantomime troupe

coming from Bangkok - Presenting 'The

Little Red Riding Hood" - Rated "U"

Their website is in thai language..managed to get google translator to do the great job though the english may not be perfect but is apprehensible

B. Abymime. (. Baby. = infants,. mime. = mime).
Babymime. = mime group at the inspiration and imagination of children.
Show focuses on a simple view. Easy to understand. Nuk Heart - Heart by Nan took.
Story that is close to the offer interesting.May be a normal person.
Overlook , but we picked it up rap act Edra spat as the mix.
Stories with the mellow taste of happiness. laughter and works of art.
B. A. B. Y. M. I. M. E. HISTORY.
In 1999 young men from different institutions Ongin d, Thani, salt and Joe meet in orbit to study mime white face from a group of teachers who Aun (chrysoberyl currency flow), after long experience. They started doing pantomime in the form of myself. In the name of BABYMIME (Baby MIME) currently has three key members who are Ongin d Thani salt BABYMIME continued throughout nearly 10 years Patrol stated many theater festivals. Both domestic and overseas on a regular basis and has received numerous awards. They have shown a clear pattern is humorous and fun to the visitors.Recently joined the international festival is INTERATIONAL STREET SHOW in BANGKOK, which created a smile and impress people of all ages and for BABYMIME SHOW VOL.1 and VOL.2 a show of their own is a phenomenal audience of over 1600 people. It's been good for the year are all waiting for all of March.
Baby mime MIME content of health promotion.Entertainment with content.
Encourage Thai people to use imagination and creativity.
Is a media alternative. A new form of relaxation for Thai people only.
Baby MIME incubation works. Experience more serious than 8 years.
Baby MIME has its own website. A channel for public relations and exchange views with the audience.
Baby MIME creation of good intentions. Thai people have a look.
Baby MIME works have been widely recognized in terms of content and quality. Evidenced by awards from various institutions. Theatre Awards, including best promote health in the 5th Bangkok Theatre Festival.
Baby time is not one of the drama that agreement is not supported by the owner of tobacco products.
Baby MIME to work creatively to solve such participated in the project Art for All, speak with the mind, art, etc. to the community.

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